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Finding HDB/JTC blocks in your GPSr

Use the following steps below to search for a block:


Handheld models - 60, 76 series

  1. Press the FIND button, use the rocker to select Others then press the ENTR button.
  2. Press the MENU button and select Nearest Containing... then press the ENTR button.
  3. Use the rocker to enter the block number/road name or postal code with the on-screen keyboard then select OK when done.
  4. Now use the rocker to select the HDB/JTC block from the list and press the ENTR button.
  5. Select Map if you want to see it on the map or Go To if you want to route to it or Save to save it as a waypoint.

Automobile models - StreetPilot, Nuvi, MobileXT

  1. Select Where to?
  2. Select Food, Lodging... or Points of Interest
  3. Select Spell Name then type in the block number/postal code then select Done

  4. Select the appropriate block number/postal code