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gmapsupp.img v5.18
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gmapsupp.img for StreetPilot, Nuvi, Que or Mobile XT users who don't have MapSource (requires unlock code). Unzip & copy it into the Garmin folder of your GPSr or SD card. Includes the latest:
Singapore Routable map
Singapore Postal Code map
Johor Routable map
Custom POI icons map
see gmapsupp.img for StreetPilot, Nuvi, Que or MobileXT for more info.

S'pore version history
Johor version history

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Submitted On:
30 Mar 2021
File Size:
11.83 Mb
The Singapore and Johor maps are for personal use only and not to be distributed to others. It is protected by copyright laws. No part of the maps and/or files may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior written permission. These maps and their included files are not to be sold, reverse-engineered, re-distributed or packaged as alternative product.
File Version:
Jeffrey Choong 2007-10-30 06:09:03 Fantastic - the new KPE is already in this V3.66!
Jonathan Hew 2008-03-18 03:55:06 Thanks for the great maps! Just wanted to ask whether v3.69 is address searchable? I hear that the latest malsing version is. Also, can't seem to search for road names under 'spell name' in my Nuvi anymore with v3.69. Was able to do so with v3.68.
Johnathan Aw-Yong 2012-03-06 07:18:21 Indispensible ! Thanks
Cornelius 2008-07-15 07:10:56 It is such a wonderful map ! Thanks !
jerahteo 2008-01-25 08:36:00 Great job , hope you can continue to provide us with the update and support. Thank you once again.
Eric Lee 2008-04-09 00:48:19 Have not try it yet.But hearing from many feedback, it seems to be kool. BTW, with this update, do we still need to install POI for Choa Chu Kang area, Tuas and etc as was posted in malsingmaps?
Eddie Luen 2008-12-25 05:48:15 No other maps provide comprehensive corner to corner accuracy. Great work! For those never driving to Johor may think SG only gmapsupp runs faster.
Eric 2008-05-09 23:17:53 Have heard from others that this is the only BEST map for SG users. Have not try yet and will know when i try it.
axangec 2008-06-07 06:51:35 use it, Jerome's maps are good, I have been using for almost 2 years odd and 2 thumbs up!!
mahmarcus 2008-07-14 04:48:25 V3.72 map is very good thank's jerome ! but can't address search after i combine wif new malsing v2.28 map too bad>>.
Paul Cheong 2009-02-14 15:24:36 Will be great if can include West/East M'sia map as well.
Derrick Ho 2009-01-21 23:18:43 Can I use GMapTool to combine this map with Malsing's map and don't use a seperate SD card?
Alan Toh 2009-03-10 20:44:58 Bro how do I let know you of roads that are opened up etc etc. Coz I stay at Fernvale and 3 roads plus 1 bridge are already operational.
GeokChuan 2009-06-03 17:53:38 Thanks! you map is really good! *thumbs up!
Steven Lam 2009-11-29 20:07:06 Thanks Jerome. The Maps is really good and well updated.
Vincent Koh 2015-04-10 22:58:14 Hi Jerome, is it possible to update the new speed traps locations? For example, on the PIE between Eng Neo Ave and Lornie exit, there is a new speed camera, whereas they remove the speed trap before Bukit Timah BKE exit. Thanks - It was moved to Eng Neo exit some time back and is already in my map.