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Using Proximity Alerts

If you do not have any proximity waypoints already set

1. Go to the Map page, use the rocker to put the cursor at the place the want to set the proximity alert (it can be a waypoint or any point on the map) and press the MARK button.

2.Press the MENU button and move down to select Set Proximity and press ENTR, the Radius (in km) is highlighted, press ENTR again if you want to change the value.

3. Press the down arrow on the rocker to highlight Proximity Alarms and press the ENTR button to activate it (a tick mark will appear in the checkbox)

4. Press QUIT button to got back to the previous page, edit the waypoint name if necessary and select OK and press the ENTR button.

5. Once back in the Map page you'll se
e a blue circle around the waypoint at the distance specified. (zoom in or out beyond the distance specified if you don't see it)

If you already have some waypoints and want to set the proximity radius

1. Press the FIND button, select the waypoints you want to set the alert on.

2. Press ENTR and follow steps 2 to 4 above.

If you want to enable or disable the proximity alerts

1. Press MENU twice, select Proximity.

2. Press ENTR then move down to tick or untick the Proximity Alerts checkbox.

Alternative method is to use MapSource to create the waypoints and set their proximity then upload the waypoints to your GPSr.