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Auto-Routing on the GPS

1. In the Map page, press FIND button.

2. Select one of the categories like Waypoints, Cities, Exits, Recent Find, etc...
You can also use the MENU key to Find my names is certain categories.

3.Then select Go To, the GPSr will calculate the route for you.


Alternative method is to create routes in MapSource then upload to your GPS

My maps can route in the trails, but routing on your GPSr is set for Car/Motorcycle by default. To route in the trail, you'll have to set it to Pedestrian under Menu -> Setup -> Routing -> Follow Road Options... -> Calculate Routes for. Remember to set it back when you get out of the trail.

To avoid the CDB areas, turn on Avoid Toll Roads under Menu -> Setup -> Routing -> Follow Road Options... -> Avoid Toll Roads

Note: different models employ slightly different algroithm so the route chosen by that particular model might not be the same on another model.