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Using Garmin's POI Loader

POI Loader is free software for your PC that lets you upload customized POIs to your compatible Garmin unit, making it easy for you to navigate directly to these points of interest. POI Loader does not create customized POIs. It works only on Garmin 'x' series, StreetPilot, Nuvi and some iQue models.

It has two modes that allow you to load Custom POIs to your device: Express mode (recommended) and Manual mode (for advanced users).

1. Turn on your Garmin GPS device and connect it to your PC. If you are using a card reader, connect it to your PC.

2. Open POI Loader and click Next. Make sure the your GPSr appears in the Device field. If not, click Find Device. If you have multiple devices connected to your PC, select the device you want from the drop-down list.

3. Click Next and select the directory where the Custom POI data files can be found. POI Loader detects all .csv and .gpx data files within that directory.

4. Select the appropriate units for distance and speed (Feet and MPH or Meters and KPH).

NOTE: POI Loader uses these units to interpret the data within the data files. If you select units that are different from the units used in the data files, your speed alerts will not be accurate.


Express Mode


5. Select Express, then click Next. POI Loader will install the Custom POIs into your GPSr. Click Finish.


Manual Mode


5. Select Manual, then click Next.

6. If the file contains proximity alert points, check the appropriate box.

7. Choose your alert settings:

  • To set a speed alert, click Alert when speed is greater than the Alert Speed and enter the speed at which you want to receive an alert.
  • To set a proximity alert, click Alert when you get close to a point and enter the distance you want.

8. Click Next.

9. Repeat Steps 6– - 8 for each data file you want to load. After you choose the alert settings for all data files, POI Loader will install the Custom POIs into your GPSr.

NOTE: This replaces any existing Custom POIs installed on your device.