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Extracting IMG files from MapSource installer

The MapSource installer just copies all the files to C:/Garmin/map name folder and adds the necessary registry entries for MapSource to recognise the map.

If you need the IMG file for PDA or MapSource is not included with your GPSr, you can run the installer to extract the files, select Extract IMG files only from the drop down list in the Select Components dialog box.

then de-select the Create registry entries checkbox in the Select Additional Task dialog box.

After that, use PatchIMG, SendMap or IMG2GPS and look for the IMG file in C:/Garmin/map name folder/mapID.img before upload the maps(s) to your GPSr. If your GPSr that supports custom types, make sure you include the appropriate TYP file before uploading. Nuvi and StreetPilot users, use MS.TYP instead of SGJohMap.TYP.