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Find map version & Enable / Disable map set

Finding the map version or to enable/disable a map set varies with the GPS model.

If the maps have been combined with gmaptool or SendMap the version might not show under the map set. You can only enable/disable map sets, not the individual maps in the set.

Nuvi & StreetPilot

go to Tools > Settings > Maps > Map Info, tick/untick the checkbox to enable/disable the map set

Map Info Nuvi


Garmin Mobile XT (not possible to enable/disable maps)

go to Tools > Manage My Data > Map Sets, select the map to see details

Map Info XT


Handheld - 60 series/76 series

  1. Press MENU button twice to get to the Main Menu
  2. select Setup and press ENTR button to get to the Setup Menu
  3. select Map and press ENTR to get ot Map Setup
  4. use the rocker to go to Information (5th icon from the left)
  5. Scroll up or down and tick/untick the checkbox to enable/disable the set.

Map Info CS