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Johor map version history

v2.39 - Minor fixes.Update SE and E Coast shoreline. Re-classify commercial/industrial buildings. Update Johor Straits. Add POIs in JB, Kulai and roads in Austin Hills, Tmn Scientex, Masai, Tmn Desa Idaman (robo). Add roads in Kangar Pulai (ugoh). Add roads in Tmn Dato Chellam, Mutiara Rini, Presint Jasa (gerkeng) Add POIs in Johor (patrick cheah)

v2.38 - Minor fixes. Add east coast islands. Update Tampoi area. Add custom types. Add roads & POIs in Kangar Pulai, Pulai Jaya (william1) Add roads in Setia Indah (gerkeng) Add roads & POIs in Tmn Mawar (robo) Add roads and POIs in Rompin, Endau, Penyabong, Mersing (BernGPS)

v2.37 - Minor fixes. Standardise coastline with S’pore Straits v1.35. Add roads and POIs in Gelang Patah, J124, Benut area (william1). Update Hwy 11, 12, 63 (asichia.) Add J165 (mszetokk)

v2.36 - Minor fixes. Add roads and POIs in Mersing, Kota Tinggi, Skudai, Bkt Indah, (william1). Add JB POIs (dynamix). Use custom types.

v2.35 - Minor fixes. Update and add roads and POIs in Dato Onn, Kebun Teh & Larkin areas. Add roads and POIs Sg Rengit area (dynamix)

v2.34 - Minor fixes. Add roads in Tmn Indah, Nusa Bestari areas (dynamix). Add roads in Perling area (william1). Add roads in Kluang area (wjthor). Update J16 (Paco). Add roads & POIs in P Gudang, Danga, Seri Alam, Bakti, Pulai areas (robo) Add roads in Kota Tinggi, Sg Rengit areas (waykeong) Add roads in Pekan Nanas, Pontian areas (sultankhiong)

v2.33 - Minor fixes. Update roads and add POIs in JB, Tmn Nong Chik areas. Update/add roads in Tampoi, Kulai, Uda Utama areas (william1)

v2.32 - Update roads in Perling, Kempas, Tampoi areas. Add POIs in E Johor. Add POIs in Johor & roads in Kulai areas, update roads in Perling, Skudai, Mt Austin areas (william1). Add roads in Tmn Bkt Indah (dynamix). Add roads in Desaru (aprivate). Update and add roads in Mersing & Endau (cheeko)

v2.31 - Fixed map binds. Fixed intersections. Update and add roads in Bt Indah area (dynamix). Update/add roads & POIs in Setia Indah, Saleng areas (william1)

v2.30 - Update roads in JB, Hwy 90, 92, 99, J52. Update roads and add POIs Nusa Bestari 2 area (dynamix). Add roads in Uda Utama and gas stn POIs (william1). Add roads & POIs in Senai Jaya, Bkt Mutiara, Senai Utama, Pasir Puteh, JB areas (robo)

v2.29 - Updated roads and added POIs and polygons in Tampoi, JB and Stulang area. Added roads in Tmn Bkt Tiram, Intan, Sri Saujana, Pelangi Indah, Puteri Wangsa, Cemerlang areas (gerkeng). Added roads in Kg Maufakat area (steven86). Added roads in P Gudang, Kg Teratai, Mutiara Rini areas (robo) Updated Tebrau & Plentong rivers (sabreT)

v2.28 - Update roads in JB. Update east coast islands. Added roads in Setia Indah (ghostrider). Added roads and POIs in Bandar Bestari Perdana, Kong Kong, Gelang Patah, Tg Pelepas areas (robo)

v2.27 - Updated roads in JB. Added road in Skudai area (dynamix). Added roads and POIs in Kulai, Senai, Pasir Gudang, JB areas (robo)

v2.26 - Update S China Sea polygons. Added building, govt office POIs in JB. Added POIs (dynamix). Update Hwy 5 and add road near Pontian (DXu). Updated roads and added POIs in JB, Permas, Senai areas (robo) Added POIs in JB and Perling areas(Patrick Cheah)

v2.25 - Update Hwy 1 & 12. Update Nusa Bestari 2 area (dynamix). Added POIs & Update roads in Perling area (Patrick Cheah). Update and added roads and POIs in Permas, Terbau and KT (steven86). Added roads in Tmns Bahagia, Sawi, Bintang Utama, Padi Emas areas and POIs in JB (robo).

v2.24 - Update Nusa Bestari 2 area from dynamix's tracks. Added roads in Austin Hts, Jaya Putra areas from steven86's tracks

v2.23 - Added roads in Plentong area from tautan's tracks. Added roads in Tmn Pulai Perdana, Tmn Damansara Aliff, Tmn Setia, Senai, UTM, Kulai areas from Robo's tracks.

v2.22 - Added roads and POIs in Permas Jaya, Danga Bay, Seelong, Senai areas form Robo's tracks. Added roads in Nusa Bestari 2 from dynamix's tracks.

v2.21 - Added roads in Telok Sengat area. Index towns, added some JB city centre and building outlines. Testing zipcode. Added roads in Tmn Saujana and Tmn Rebab areas from steven86 tracks. Added roads and POIs in Tmn Nusa Bestari, Palam Raja and updated Eshan jaya from gerkeng's tracks. Update Batu Pahat from yusni's info. Added roads & POI from dynamix's tracks. Added roads in Senai and Seelong from Robo's trracks. Change boundaries and background.

v2.20 - Indexes a few more cities. Change boundaries and background. Testing 2nd link bind.

v2.19 - Updated city POIs & added some tamans. Added roads around Ulu Tiram, Gersik hot spring & Senai areas from robo's tracks. Added roads around Skudai area fro steven86's tracks. Added roads & POIs around Batu Pahat area from yusni's tracks. Testing 2nd Link bind.

v2.18 - Updated Hwy 1, 23, 94, J8. Added roads and POIs in Skudai, Ulu Tiram, Senai, Kulai, Spg Renggam, Yong Peng, Segamat areas from steven86's tracks.

v2.17 - Updated roads in Permas Jaya area from robo's tracks. Updated Hwy 24, 85 from urthex's tracks. Fixed Hwy 5 problem and its cascading effect.

v2.16 - Added roads in Batu Pahat area from yusni's tracks.

v2.15 - updated Pasir Gudang area from gerkeng's tracks. Updated Hwy 5, J113, 115, 116 added roads & POIs in Pontian area from vortex's tracks. Updated Hwy 1, 24 and added and roads and POIs in Yong Peng area from BernGPS tracks. Updated Hwy 3. 90, 92, 99, J172, J173 and roads & POIs in Kota Tinggi, Desaru, Sedili, Mersing areas from steven86 tracks. Updated Hwy 5, 24, 50, J23, 35, 128 and added roads & POIs in Batu Pahat, Parit Yaani, Sri Medan areas from yusni's track. Updated Skudai area from robo's tracks.

v2.14 - updated Hwy 302, 16 from muahchee's tracks.

v2.13 - fixed binding problem with S'pore map. Added road in Tmn Gembira.

v2.12 - added roads in Senai from Robo and Muachee. added roads and POIs in Kluang from Vortex. update Pagoh area from urthex's tracks. add roads in Tmn Gaya & Desa Terbau from Steven86. updated roads in JB.

v2.11 - added gerkeng's roads of Tmn Molek, update roads and POIs in Tmn Molek, Johor Jaya and Tmn Perling areas.

v2.10 - added roads in Senai and Impian Emas areas from Robo.

v2.09 - Update background, enable routing with S'pore

v2.08 - Remove part of Hwy 50 in Batu Pahat. Testing background.

v2.07 - Updated gerkeng's J105. Added 9w2pat's POIs. Added zeenol's trails. Updated rivers & lakes on west coast.

v2.06 - Updated Hwy E2, E3, 1, 5, 24, 50, 96, J32, J113. Added exits, R&R and POIs along E2, E3 & Hwy 1. Added roads & POI in Gelang Patah. Update City info. Updated Muzz's Muar and Labis rivers. Added steven86's POIs and roads of Tmn Impian Emas, Bt Impian, Nusa Bestari & NJM areas. Added 9w2pat's POIs.

v2.05 - update 3, 91, 93, J8, J171, J Kong Kong, Tmn Pelangi Indah, Kempas areas and added Tmn Puteri, Tmn Bestari Indah, Tmn Eshan Jaya areas from gerkeng's tracks. Update JB, Masai, Permas Jaya, Hwy 17 & J10 from 9w2pat's tracks. Added Adil's Batu Pahat area. Updated E2, Hwy 50 and Batu Pahat based on bs_teras's tracks. Updated east coast shoreline. Added Semberong, Mercang, Bebar, Merba Rivers. Added J9, J121.

v2.04 - update KE II, P Perling. Added POIs. Update collector roads and routing info. Completed western shoreline. Added 9w2pat's POIs. Added Pontian, Rompin & Endau Rivers

v2.03 - fixed some POIs that show in wrong location. remove contours. update Hwy 24. Bind with Melaka-NS.

v2.02 - Updated and added POIs from steven86 and muzz. Updated east coast islands and shoreline.

v2.01 - fixed problem where polylines changed their type and labels. Updated islands.

v2.00 - incorporates JBv1.08. Joined intersections and assigned routing info to Johor/Pahang roads. Added Tg Pelepas Hwy & J17.Added roads & POIs in Tg Pelepas, Gelang Patah, Senai Airport, Nusa Jaya & Batu Pahat areas. Updated E3, Hwy 17, J4, J7, SW region and added exit ramps. Updated western shoreline, Pulai & Johor river and added rivers on west coast. Cleanup trails. Bind with East Coast-R.

v1.08 - Added roads and POIs in Ayu, Bumi Hijau, Lanjut, Lawa, Menawan, Bakawali areas from Gerkeng. Updated Tmn Molek

v1.07 - Added POIs and roads in Gaya, Mutiara Mas, Permas Jaya, Setia Indah areas from Steven86. Add J Seelong from Logos. Added POIs and roads in Pelangi Indah, Bkt Indah, Gaya areas from Gerkeng. Updated Johor Jaya.

v1.06 - Minor bug fix. Enable routing between S'pore and JB.

v1.05 - Added roads in Tmn Pelangi Indah & Tmn Desa Terbau and POIs from Steven86 tracks. Fixed some exits.

v1.04 - Updated Hwy J4, Skudai, Tmn Pulai, Johor Bahru, Tmn Dahlia, Tmn Skudai Baru, Gelang Patah, Tmn Daya areas; Added POIs. Fixed routing at Gelang Patah exit.

v1.03 - Updated E3 Linkedua, Tmn Indah Setia, Tmn Suria, Kem Majidee & Johor Bahru areas; Added more POIs. Named roads. Test binding between Johor and S'pore

v1.02 - Updated Tmn Universiti area.

v1.01 - Updated Permas Jaya, Tmn Indah Setia areas; Added rivers; Completed Tmn Perling, Tmn Sutera, Kg Sg Perling & Kg Bakar Bata.

v1.00 - Detailed areas: Johor Bahru south of Pasir Gudang Highway, Johor Jaya. Partial areas: Skudai, Pulai, Plentong, Pasir Gudang, Ulu Tiram, Mt Austin. Fixed intersections and added routing info.