Singapore Straits v1.x

S'pore Straits v1.37 has spotted a new look (from the previous version) with custom type. I switched to using polygons for reef/mud flats instead of marine hazard lines and punching holes in the sea polyon for land masses. Marine boundaries has been re-classified to black dotted line for anchorages and magenta dotted lines for traffic seperation lanes. Black dotted line with a bulb at one end has been added for oil/gas pipelines and magenta wavy lines for submarine cables.

The coverage is slowly being extended to include Karimun islands and southern Malacca Strait in the west and to the south, the whole of Batam and Bintang islands and those south of it.

All updates of Notice to Mariners up to Mar 2007 has been applied and will be updated quarterly.

I am concurrently reversing the island and reef polygons and changing their type to 0x102 and 0x301 in line with the marine version. I want to convert all the land masses first as they are static before embarking on the navigation aids and depth contours. Also converted some lighthouses to the new type just to see the new look, its attributes and if it is searchable. Searching works and the new look makes them very distinguishable from the bouys, only the foundation height attribute didn't appear in the details.

I have been devoting more time to it but there is still a long way to go.