Thailand & Thailand-R maps

At the request and for the convenience of the donors, I have consolidated and created a MapSource installer for the Thailand maps from MapCenter. There are 3 MapSource installers for Thailand. The full set is the Thailand MapSource Installer (30.4 Mb) which consists of 42 tiles (only the 8 tiles are routable). The Bangkok MapSource Installer (2.35 Mb) consists of 8 tiles and is included in Thailand MapSource Installer. The Bankok map was created for those do not need the whole Thailand map which would take awhile to download due to it's size. So if you download the Thailand MapSource Installer you do not need to download the Bangkok MapSource Installer as it is already in there.


The Thailand-R MapSource Installer (5.97 Mb) contains only the routable maps of Thailand by Rotweiler and KC. At the moment, only 8 tiles are routable, they are:

North Thailand Routable
Bangkok Routable (western Bangkok tile, only major roads are appear to be routable)
Phuket-Surat Thani-Ko Samui Routable (merged Phuket 5.12, Surat Thani 5.12 & Ko Samui)
South Thailand Routable (5 tiles)


The South Thailand Routable stretches from the Malaysia border to Narathiwat. The main cities in here are Hatyai, Yala, Pattani and Trang.


These maps are only routable in the GPSr not in MapSource. In time, Thailand-R should grow as more tiles of the Thailand map become routable.