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Singapore GPS map version history

v2.3 - added more new roads in Tuas areas

v.2.2 - experiment with maproute and other methods for routing

v.2.1 - added more new roads in Jurong W areas

v.2.0 - In Dec 2004, made Singapore map separate so that I can compile it independently instead of waiting for malxx

v1.1.7 - added embassy POIs

v1.1.6 - double track all highways

v1.1.5 - tag all exit with Highway info to facilitate exit search. Made MapSource installer for personal use.

v1.1.4 - added government office POIs

v1.1.3 - added fire station POIs

v1.1.2 - added police station POIs

v1.1.1 - added petrol stations POIs

v1.1 - added shopping centres POIs

v1.0 - started in Apr 2004 based mal28g which only had 98 major roads and roads from my private map done using all my tracks collected with the GPS II+, GPS III+ and GPS V since 1998. Finally released in July 2004 with most residential roads added and incorporated it into mal33c onwards